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Storage Caddy Organizer With Handle For Tools & Accessories

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Set of 2 Rectangular Shape Flat Cookie Baking Tray

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Set of 4 Multi-Layer Round Topsy Turvy Cake Tins

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5 Set Of Multi-Layer Bread Shape Cake Baking Tins

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Set Of 4 Multi-Layer Hexagon Cake Tins Baking Set

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Flower Shaped Bundt Cake Baking Pan

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4 Set Of Multi-Layer Birthday/Wedding Anniversary Flower Cake Tins

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Wave Flag Shaped Cake Baking Tin For Birthday/Wedding Anniversary

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4 Set Of Multi-Layer Teardrop Shaped Birthday Cake Tins

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Shamrock Shaped Birthday Novelty Cake Tin

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Do you wonder how to bake the trendiest cake? Or do you believe that baking is real science, and you are unaware of it? So, thanks to technology that made things much easier for you. Whether you are looking for a good recipe for a cake to follow or want to place an order for a perfect mold to bake. All the things are just a click away.

If you have a good recipe, you can follow it, by using the right portion of ingredients and most important a perfect tin, success is guaranteed. Additionally, you’ll require a couple of extra pieces of kit to get you going. Although not essential, a stand mixer really will make mixing, whipping, and folding a lot easier. But if you’re a traditionalist or short on space, a hand mixer is a great alternate option. To ensure absolute precision, you’ll need to measure spoons and kitchen scales for the right amount of quantities. As well as, a mixing bowl and spatula to get every last drop of cake batter into your tin without doing any mess and wastage.

If you’re constantly cooking tasty treats, or you only bake occasionally, a good quality cake mold is a baking essential. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but is endlessly versatile – It can be used to bake cakes (of course), as well as sweet and savory bread, cheesecakes, or even used as molds.

Whether you’re a reluctant birthday cake maker or a keen cake baker, you must have an idea about the most practical and hard-wearing cake pans to give a proper shape to your cake.

Apart from the traditional round, square or circular tin, the unusual tins are in trend to give a classy look to your cake. If you want to experience noveltiesnumbersgeometrical shapes or any other cartoonish character all are easily available to give your celebration a hit. A well-shaped and scrumptious cake not only attracts but also brings a smile to people’s faces when they taste your cake, and it gives you a strong push to come up with something better.


To choose an ideal cake tin few of the things are pretty obvious, but one of the first questions you should ask yourself before you buy a cake tin is ‘what am I going to bake in it’? All of the cake recipes will outline the size and type of cake tin you need for the bake, so you’ll know exactly what you need to buy. Whilst we favor versatile tins, like loaf tins, springform cake tins, and simple 20 cm tins, we’re also big fans of those used to produce showstopping desserts, like bunts.


A cake tin is used for baking different shapes and sizes of fine cakes. As cake molds are pretty versatile. They come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can buy anyone according to your need.


While baking a cake the depth of a cake tin matters a lot. It is a natural inclination to want to vary the size of tin that you bake your cakes in, but for some cake recipes, the outcome of going either larger or smaller in pan size without adjusting batter volumes will yield results that are less than desirable.

A standard cake pan is 2-3 inches deep and 8-9 inches wide. If you have an oven that heats unevenly, choose a 2-inch deep cake pan. 3-inch deep cakes can be finicky.