About Global Outlet Ltd.

Everything we own, we take it as a responsibility to push all the boundaries and do something different. We do this by creating our own brand Global Outlet Ltd, where the expert innovators are working from around the world to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

The real reason for our presence is to solve your all cakey problems. Whether you’re a novice, giving scones a go for the first time, or an expert baker who can nail even the most complex recipe just for fun, you need all the right Baking Accessories for the job. Cookie cutters, parchment, bowls, cake tins or molds, and even a trusty apron, we stop at nothing to provide brilliant bakers with all the tools they need.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction by providing a huge variety of products to make your life easier and help you create quicker. We also provide a unique and up-to-date collection to keep your clients and friends excited by your designs and coming back for more of your delicious cake.

If you’re a baking aficionado, why not take a look at our great range of tin sets and stock up your kitchen cupboards with a few new pieces? We’ve got each and everything from loaf tins to muffin trays and even pizza pans. While, to have a brand-new flan dish that’s just the thing you’ll need to make scrumptious flans, quiches, and tarts. So make sure to take a look at our selection of cake tins too; a spring-form style means your freshly baked cakes will pop right out with no trouble at all.

We’re among those who work hard to make a great and memorable experience with us. It’s this personal touch that makes sets us apart from others again. To make a call or drop us an email and a real-life person will get back to you. As we’re always here to respond. Whether you have an idea for a new product or see something you like online? Let us know and we’ll try our best to make your cakey dreams come true.

We feel honored by our customer and client base, which includes some of the world’s top cake designers and many of whom provide our inspiration and some of their innovative products. Baking is a piece of cake when you have the right kit, so let our Global Outlet do the tough stuff, leaving you to put the cherry on top.

Furthermore, to provide our customers with the best range of products across the world, we continue to emphasize quality and price as our foremost benchmark. Our brand would surely signify a strong commitment to the satisfaction and happiness of our consumers, along with employee satisfaction and giving back to the communities we operate in. We believe in sustainable business models, adopting the latest technological trends along the way, which help in ensuring the long-term, mutual growth of our company and all the stakeholders.